How Social Media Helped Me Eliminate Cold Calls

As mentioned in past blog posts, relationships are critical in the sales world. The evolution of social media has only made creating and maintaining them that much more important. This is because the barriers for creating these relationships have
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How Social Media Helped Me Eliminate Cold Calls

Cold Calling – Not As Cold As You Think

When a call center agent is in an outbound call center that specializes in cold calling leads and clients over the phone, chances are they already know what it feels like to be a telemarketer. When they call someone, that person does not know what call
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Cold Calling – Not As Cold As You Think

Are You Annoying Your Prospects (or Not Paying Enough Attention to Them)?

Cold calling is the only tried and true prospecting method. Cold calling is dead! Social media is a critical lead generation tool. Social media is a waste of time! Which leads me to the topic of this post. More often than not, sales executives and
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Are You Annoying Your Prospects (or Not Paying Enough Attention to Them)?

What is Cold Calling?

Cold calling is a kind of marketing technique adopted by companies for the purpose of prospecting for possible customers or clients. Cold calling is usually done with the use of telephone, by the sending of emails or most lately through the use of various social networking sites. The people that are approached do not expect such interactions from the companies that employ cold calling. The use of the word “cold” is based on the fact that the person who receives the cold call has not asked to be approached or contacted by the caller which is usually a sales person. Cold calling is normally the starting stage of a sales process more commonly known in marketing as telemarketing.

Cold calling normally involves contacting prospective customers for the first time through the use of a telephone. However, cold calling nowadays may also refer to the act of first time face to face interaction with a customer. These interactions are done without any prior appointment with the customer. With face to face interaction, the salesperson engages the customer in the house of the said customer or in any other commercial premises. Cold calling can also be called by other terms such as canvassing, prospecting, telephone canvassing or telephone prospecting. Traditionally, the sales person makes cold calls by canvassing for a prospective customer through door-to-door selling or what is known as door-knocking.

Cold calling is considered as an important stage as well as an effective technique in the art of selling. Cold calling capabilities can also be useful in other aspects of business where communication is vital. As such, cold calling can be beneficial to companies for other purposes that may already be outside the selling activities of the company. Wherever cold calling is employable in the business, it must be understood that the methods that are used in cold calling remain the same.

It is good to remember that good cold calling has to be performed properly in order to be effective in this selling technique. People that employ cold calling must never treat this technique as a mere numbers game. Cold calling is a basic selling craft that is highly transferable or can be emulated for as long as those that want to acquire the right skills in cold calling are willing to learn from the experiences and behaviors of veteran salespersons, business leaders and the average but successful entrepreneurs. The person that wants to learn the skill of cold calling must possess good business sense and the right attitude. Patience, consistency and honesty are just some of the characteristics needed to be able to effectively develop the skill of cold calling.

In a nutshell, cold calling is a learnable skill of offering a sensible selling proposition to somebody in a professional, open and meaningful way. All successful entrepreneurs and business leaders possess this kind of skill or else they would not be successful in their field of business. Therefore, cold calling when combined with conscientious initiative and action can be a perfect recipe for a guaranteed success in any endeavors that requires patient selling of merchandise or services.

The Power of Cold Calling

The sales person plays an important role between the company and the customer. His selling style and attitude are very crucial in the implementation of a successful cold calling. The influence of the sales person in the act of making the connection between the company and customer is pivotal in the success of any business. Cold calling fundamentally determines whether something would happen or not happen.

Cold calling defines the manner a business proposition is offered to customers and this proposition if accurately delivered will pave the way for a mutually beneficial business relationship. It is the deciding factor in the fitness of the company in supplying the needs and wants of customers. The way the business relationship between a company and a customer actually materializes is largely dependent on how a sales person effectively handles the cold calling.

An examination of the cold calling process can illustrate why the proper handling of cold calling is important to businesses. As a part of the selling process, a cold call allows the sales person to properly define the possible business relationship of a company with its prospective customers. Just like in an orchestra, the salesperson acts like a conductor that draws energy in the entire system of an enterprise and uses this energy to make a patient but promising cold call with a customer. The sales person involved in the cold calling stage makes an interpretation of the wants and needs of a customer that the company can sufficiently fill. The effectiveness of a sales person in convincing a customer that the company is indeed very capable of supplying the said wants and needs is very important in the cold calling process. This act of laying out a well defined business plan will dictate the direction of the cooperative relationship between a customer and the company.

More than just the simple delivery of scripted lines to prospective customers, cold calling opens the door of opportunity that any salesperson can take advantage. This door of opportunity is the first step in the selling process where everything else can follow. A salesperson must be very careful in responding to every customer inquiries. The honest salesperson must never give false promises or impracticable guarantees just to make a convincing statement to a customer. There is no benefit in using superlative adjectives to make a business proposition look attractive to a customer. It is not worth defeating the competition by the use flowery words if in the end the company of the salesperson will not be able to deliver what it has promised to the customer.

Think of the world of marketing as big marketplace system where suppliers and customers meet and match. This marketplace has its own rules just like any other places of interaction between people. And the people that need to understand how the rules of this marketplace are to be observed should be the salespersons that actually do the work in the frontlines of the business.

That salesperson must have sufficient knowledge about the breadth and depth of the companies they represent. Armed with this knowledge, the salesperson must outwardly project the supplying capabilities of their company to the customers that are found everywhere in the marketplace. Vying for attention from these customers is not an easy task. But with the power ofcold calling, the salesperson can win customers with good, honest and professional business propositions without the need to break the rules of ethical marketing.

The Potentials of Cold Calling

Cold calling has tremendous potential because it allows you to get new leads and sift through contacts that are no longer interested. But cold calling requires perseverance and a strong will to succeed.

How big is the potential in cold calling?

Cold calling has tremendous potential when it comes to finding new leads and expanding your market. Through cold calling you can increase your market and get to know your contact list more. You get to know more about your contacts beyond their names and contact numbers. Develop rapport and understand their needs with the help of cold calls. Rapport is important to make a genuine connecting with your contacts. You can easily pitch to them once you have made a connection with your contacts. Rapport is important to the success of your sales campaign. Rapport dives deep into the psyche of your contacts. You will know exactly what they need and how they want it delivered to them.

Aside from developing rapport, cold calling helps you find new markets that you can expand into. Cold calling allows you to breakthrough an otherwise market you are unfamiliar with. You can talk over the phone and learn more about that new potential market. You can get vital insights into what you can do to expand your market.

Cold calling will help you learn more about your prospects. This is a vital part of developing qualified sales prospects. Sales prospects are not a sure closed sale. To close sales you need to keep in constant touch with your prospect. Find out what their needs are, what the specifics of their orders are, and what price is suitable for them.

Cold calling has tremendous potential if you know how to harness it. Making cold calls need perseverance and technique. Without one or the other you will not be able to succeed.

How can you improve your cold calling skills? 

Cold calling needs practice to become your ultimate weapon. There are several ways to help you develop your calling skills. You can start by writing down the things you want to say to your client. The script acts as your cheat sheet whenever the conversation deviates from the topic. You can also use it to ease your nerves whenever you feel nervous when calling to a client.

Improve your calling skills by rehearsing and practicing. It pays to practice especially when it comes to making calls. The more you practice the better you will be at making calls. The more hours you put into rehearsing what you have to say, the more natural it will come out once you start talking to a client.

Avoid starting a conversation with a sales pitch. Sales pitches turn off clients start with a question to catch the attention of the person you are talking to. With a question about the needs of your contact, you will have their full attention. You can create a connection with the person you are talking to if you do not start with a sales pitch.

These are only a few of the techniques that can help you with calling. Improve your calling techniques to exploit is huge potential.

Modern Tips for a Successful Cold Call

A simple cold call done by a telemarketer that reaches its intended target has a 50/50 chance of being converted into an actual sale. It is because of the percentage that telemarketers have turned cold calling into an exact science. It is this science that powers both veteran telemarketers as well as the new ones.

So what exactly is this ‘science’ and how can experienced and rookie marketers benefit from these modern trends and tips for making a cold call to potential clients and customers?

Experts in the field of marketing as well as those that have prior experience when it comes to cold calling have listed down several tips that are still pretty effective even for the 21st century. Some of these tips might seem a bit dated in terms of use or approach or style but the industry leaders all agree that they still work and will continue to work for a cold call until the end of time.

Here are some great examples of modern cold calling techniques that you can try out when you start your career as a telemarketer.

  1. Respect Other People’s time – the main problem with the modern telemarketing up and comer is their lack of respect for other people’s time.Cold calling potential clients and prospects can make or break not only your career but the careers of your clients as well. Most people who have had positive experience with a good cold call would state that the caller spent their time wisely. They did not beat around the bush but were rather concise. They knew what they had to say and they had timed every utterance down to the last millisecond. Learn to be creative and concise and you’ll get places.
  2. Understanding your clientele – rookie telemarketers do not take their jobs seriously because they find the time during work hours to do something instead of studying up on the clientele. A recent survey showed that the cold calling individuals made an honest effort in understanding what they are selling and who they would be dealing with. Understanding the demographic and the basic traits can help make for a successful cold call.
  3. Timing might be everything – like the old Rolling Stones song, it is important for the marketer to have “time by his or her side” when they initiate the cold calling. A few seconds might mean a successful cold call or it might mean that you’re getting that additional bonus at the end of the year. Be prompt when you have been set an appointment. In some cases it would also be a good idea to be aware of your surroundings.
  4. Wording is the second most important – Finding or scripting the exact words that you would be using when speaking during a cold call is important. This hammers down the point that they need to practice and rephrase what they plan on stating once the cold calling starts.

Of course there are other ways to justify a lower success rate for cold calling but these elements should be committed to memory and be used at a later time.

Make Your Cold Calls Effective and Get More Sales!

Cold calling is an art that every effective salesperson has to master. It is a discipline that sometimes requires trial and error. After all, there’s no fixed formula in this sales game. Making a cold call can sometimes feel like you’re engaging in a game. You have to win the customer’s approval in order to win a prize. However, when you look at cold calling that way, you might lose your enthusiasm for it. Though the numbers are needed, you also need to consider your potential customers and their needs. One doesn’t have to be impersonal when making these kinds of calls. Though that’s the usual misconception about cold calling, if you want to win customers and make them stay loyal, you have to be personable.

Good salespeople sometimes use their wit and humor to win the toughest of customers. Some do a little research on the people in their cold callinglist. However, it is recommended that you do both. These days, it’s very easy to do some research on the person you’re about to call. With the Internet and different social media networks, it’s very easy to know the basics about your potential clients. Once you get basic information about these potential clients, you would know how to sell your product to them. And since you know almost everything about what you’re selling, you will surely find a connection once you know what they need.  Though cold calling seems impersonal, you have to make it a bit personal so you can win your potential client’s trust.

Once you make that call, you have to catch your potential client’s attention. Most people reject the calls because they have heard sales dialogues millions of times. However, if you want them to stick around and listen to what you have to say, you have to put your personable cold calling skills to the test.  In cold calling, you must catch their interest in your first few sentences. If the person on the other line seems very welcoming, perhaps you can pull up initial offers that they will be able to afford. If you can, get them on board with benefits. Once you do this in your cold callingendeavors, the people you’re calling will be more interested. Even the toughest customers will choose to hear you out once you offer them things that they might need.

Cold calling, though it’s just about making a telephone call, can be quite daunting. After all, it’s not just a telephone call, a part of your sales depend from the results of this task. When cold calling potential clients, you have to be confident.  Most people can hear what you’re feeling at the other end of the line. When you’re scared or when you’re not convinced of what you’re selling, they might get that feeling from the way you sound. When you’re making a cold call, make them feel like you know what you are talking about and that they need what you’re offering them.

Make cold calling work for you with these simple tips!

Cold calling is usually a task that most salespeople find to be difficult or boring. Because of this belief, not a lot of salespeople become good cold callers. If you’re wondering what makes a cold call work, you will find out here.

Cold calling doesn’t usually have to be cold.  A little warmth towards your potential client might make them a little warm and welcoming towards you too. When you’re doing some cold calling, it might be useful to do your homework on the people you’ll be dealing with.  In this day and age, it is very easy to find out information about clients. Thanks to social media and other networks in the web, you can gain basic knowledge about the people you’ll be calling such as their jobs, hobbies and background. Once you’ve got these details, you’ll be able to somewhat have the confidence to approach them. When you’re finally on the line with the person, you’ll be able to let him or her see the need for whatever you’re selling. As long as you know your potential client’s background, your cold calling is a step closer to success.  Making a good connection is the key. It must be established between you and the person you’re calling.

If the person you’re talking to doesn’t seem interested or acting rudely, you can choose to lighten up the atmosphere. As long as he or she hasn’t hung up on you, there’s still hope.  Cold calling doesn’t mean that you must be as bored as the person you’re talking to. When you’re on the line, be lively. Use simple words and sell your product as if it’s the best thing ever. Be honest with your client about the product. Highlight its good parts so that you’ll be able to win him or her over. Or if you’re feeling a bit generous, you can already talk to your clients about discounts and other special offers. These things will certainly get them to listen to you. In cold calling, you have to be interesting. In making those calls, make sure you get the other person’s attention up until the end.

Trust in your product can do wonders for your cold calling endeavors. Clients admire salesmen and women who know everything about what they’re selling. When you’re selling something, you must know why the person needs it. When you’re cold calling, you have to show the other person on the line that they really need the product or the offer. Once they see your enthusiasm about the product, they will see it the way you do. And there’s a big chance that they’ll say yes. In instances like these, the success of cold calling is in the hands of the seller. Though cold calling is a tough practice that can be a hit or miss, it is important to develop one’s skill in it. It is all about practicing good communication and relating well with clients. It will surely affect all your other sales skills.

Having The Right Attitude For Cold Calling

How you see or understand cold calling is a matter of self-perception. Several generations ago, the field of selling has become recognized as a highly lucrative profession. Many self-made sales gurus and many other top notch sales personalities have been produced through the years. These sales experts have created many different effective steps that a salesperson can adopt in the handling of a cold call. Some have developed cold callingtechniques and recommended various scripts which are based on their own experiences in cold calling.

While there are many recommendable methodologies and frameworks that can be used in cold calling, there are no available magical potions which can help you if you do not have the right attitude to handle cold calling. Just how effective are you in achieving the set goals in the act of making cold calls is largely dependent on the kind of attitude that you have towards cold calling.

Cold calling can be plainly perceived as a mere numbers game where every cold call that a salesperson makes can be no different from the usual junk mail leaflets. Success rate can be very frustrating as most of the contacted persons have zero interest in your products or services. Maybe one in twenty or one in a hundred contacts will become a new customer. Viewed negatively, this is exactly how unsuccessful salespersons actually see the act of cold calling. As such, for these people cold calling activities are perceived as a painful daily grind that only offer little results.

On the other hand, cold calls can be viewed in a positive and creative way. With a positive mindset, a salesperson will find cold calling as a highly potent empowerment tool. Cold calling can enable a salesperson to supersede the existing suppliers of a prospective customer. It can help you preempt competition from other suppliers too. Cold calling can help identify new areas of opportunities so you can continuously expand your customer base. With the mastery of cold calling, you will become an indispensable asset of the company who is seen as someone that can make things happen. Eventually, your professional reputation as a seasoned salesperson will go beyond the confines of your company and news will spread outwards into the whole industry that you are a part of. One important benefit that you may have in being serious with cold calling is the development of your own network of business contacts which you can carry with you if you intend to change companies for greener pastures. If you have mastered the art of cold calling, then you are very fit to undertake any kind of entrepreneurial activity.

As such, like the many other components of business like management and marketing, success in cold calling is dependent on the kind of attitude that you possess towards it. So it is up to you. You may choose to remain as a human equivalent of a useless junk mail or you can turn yourself into a highly prized and seasoned salesperson that possesses the right business instinct and acumen which will allow him to grow further in the selling profession. If you are one of the select few that can see the glass as half full and not half empty, then you are on your way to become a highly successful and respected business leader or a self-made and fearless entrepreneur.